Instruction Research

Education and Training Objectives

  1. Continue building learner oriented quality instruction training environment.
  3. Develop competence oriented new physician assessment practice.

  4. Continue improving the training environment and system for resident physicians and implement discipline training system and improve training quality.

  5. Optimize flipped classroom and expand application mixed instruction model on various clinical positions.

  6. The e-integration of clinical learning and medical care with complete establishment of clinical learning course.

  7. Assist medical positions with the establishment of e-portfolio and completely record the medical clinical learning process.

  8. Diverse clinical assessment and skills training strengthen the high simulation training before actual clinical care.

  9. Improve the patient oriented holistic care education system and develop holistic medical faculty.

  10. Inspire member learning and enthusiasm for clinical care, upgrade distinguished medical students to participate in the five discipline training.

  11. Intensify the managerial function of supervisors at all levels.