Instruction Research

Vision and Prospectus

CMUH defines itself as the lifelong education and learning-based organization. To support members and group learning, CMUH adopts effective strategy to advocate for personal continuous learning under hospital vision. Meanwhile the hospital structure, function and culture can also continue to innovate and grow. CMUH must value and take initiative in involving the re-education curriculum for all disciplines and sub-disciplines; thereby provide integrated new knowledge and technology for advocating the improvement on the medical quality of medical staff.

In response to the wave of medical education reforms, CMUH substantially improves the content of clinical teaching. To cooperate with the policies, CMUH designs the fostering education in general medical training and holistic medical care in order to develop medical elites in Taiwan in the 21st century. With regards to the cultivation of attending doctor, we take action in strengthening the clinical and fundamental medical knowledge and analytical capacity of physicians based on existing solid foundation and developing their self-lifelong learning spirit to become the backbone in medical team work.

CMUH also values and requires highly for the development and lifelong continuing education of administrative managers. CMUH expects the concept and creativity of the new century from the managers and officers. With regards to the overall education training plan, CMUH upholds to the philosophy in TTQS system through continuous improvement in order to sustain continuous quality improvement (CQI) on clinical medical education. Consequently clinical education will be able to adapt to modern society with fast changes so that the medical staff at different fields of expertise to contribute their talents and help each other in the creation of a new century for Taiwan medical and biomedical technology.