How to make appointment
For any question, please call the service hotline: (04)2205-2121
Medical Service Consultation Hotline: (04) 22052121 EXT. 3116, Lifu Medical Building 1F Information Desk
Clinic Hours: Morning 08:30~12:00. Afternoon 13:30~17:00, Evening 18:30~21:00 (Until all appointed patients have finished diagnosis)
  • Phone Appointment via Answering Machine

    (04) 22012060 | (04) 22012061 | (04) 22012051 | (04) 22012052 | (04) 22012053
    Please dial 80 for internal network.
    Appointment two weeks in advance can only be made for Department of Chinese Medicine, Department of Gynecology and Department of Podiatry.
  • Phone Appointment with Live Person

    Service Hours: Monday to Friday 8:00-17:00, Saturday 8:00-12:00
    Phone Number:(04)22056631
  • Make appointment at the counter

    LIFU Medical Building and Cancer Center Building Service Hours: 05:30 number draws, 07:00 appointment starts
    Other building service hours: 08:00 number draws, 08:00 appointment starts
    Appointment for first visit one week in advance is available for appointment made at the counter
  • Cancel Appointment

    Please cancel the appointment before the end of the current clinic session (before the clinic starts at 8:30 in the morning, 1:30 in the afternoon, and 6:30 in the evening). Cancellation will not be accepted once the clinic session starts (for example, if you have appointment in the afternoon of October 10 and if you must cancel for some reason, please cancel the appointment at the latest before 1:30 in the afternoon of October 10).

    To make appointment for the current clinic session that day, complete the registration process in half an hour before the end of clinic session
    • Please make appointment before 11:30 in the morning, 4:30 in the afternoon and 8:30 in the evening for Department of Western Medicine.
    • Please make appointment before 12:00P.M., 5:00 in the afternoon and 9:00 in the evening for Department of Chinese Medicine.
  • Appointment by Physician

    Appointment by Physician: The physician of the clinic will make appointment for you (or issue an appointment note for completing the process at the counter).