Correct Medication Educational Resource Center

Correct Medication Educational Resource Center

Mission of Center Establishment

  1. Provide correct medication related information

  2. Design and organize correct medication educational advocacy and health policy performance spread

  3. Assist educational volunteers and educational seedling pharmacists to effectively promote educational knowledge in correct medication.

  4. Establish the concept of correct medication and educational communication platform between people and medical staff in central Taiwan.

  5. Establish pharmaceutical care clinic to provide patients with individual medication consultation.

Service Target

General public, patients and families


Health and Life Learning Center: Lifu Medical Building 2F – Office 250

Opening hours

Monday to Friday 08:30 -12:00、13:30 -17:00 (except for weekends and national holidays)

Contact Method

04-22052121 Ext. 3270

Reasons for Establishing Correct Medication Educational Resource Center

  1. In view of the promotion for correct medication health policy, the Department of Health, Executive Yuan established correct medication educational resource centers in northern, central, southern and eastern Taiwan in May, 2008. These centers organize training for seedling faculty, provide correct medication resources, and carry out correct medication instructional activities in order to assist the local health agencies or campuses with the promotion of correct medication educational activities.

  2. CMUH integrates its Pharmacy Department with Health and Life Learning Center, the pharmacies within the medical institutions of the system, social services office and public relation rooms. In 2011, CMUH was commissioned by the Food and Drug Administration, Department of Health of Executive Yuan to establish the “Correct Medication Educational Resource Center” in attempt to train medication educational volunteers and medication educational seedling pharmacists to guide the public with enhanced knowledge in correct medication through the establishment of the center. Consequently the public will receive correct medication and apply to communities and homes, thereby to collectively promote correct medication knowledge, assist with the reduction and prevention of medication misuse and improve the safety of medication in Taiwan people.

Project Related Information

Project Title

2011 Food and Drug Administration, Department of Health of Executive Yuan Commissioned “Correct Medication Educational Resource Center” Project

Advised By

Department of Health, Executive Yuan

Project Implementer

Pharmacy Department, China Medical University Hospital

Co-Organized by

College of Pharmacy of China Medical University, Ching Kuo Institute of Management and Health,Taiwan Joint Commission

Principal Investigator

Pharmacy Department Director Yow-Wen Hsieh