Instruction Research

Research Outcome

The development of medicine relies on superior academic research environment. CMUH owns the most sophisticated research instrument and equipment as well as the research groups with innovation capacity, who have devoted in the work field of basic and clinical research over the long run. In the recent efforts by the peers, CMUH has demonstrated many distinguished academic research outcome.

CMUH has devoted in innovative R&D and published the remarkable outcome on internationally prestigious journals in the last four years. The number and quality of papers for SCI and SSCI have improved annually, where the total number of full-time CMUH personnel has increased from the 591 papers in 2013 to the 760 papers in 2016. While the number of papers is increasing, the quality of paper also significantly improves. The first author or correspondence author for 2013-2016 have established submitted a total of 1,983 papers to SCI and SSCI, where 426 papers have accounted for IF>5 or ranked the top 10%. Moreover, the average paper IF value has reached 3.20 times, exceeding the overall Taiwan average level (2.75 times) shown from the WOS database. Additionally, CMUH established Research Center for Interneural Computing Director Yao Ren and Department of Medical Research fellow Jia-Xin Yang were selected by Thomson Reuters as the highly cited researcher for 2015 and 2016 mathematics domain and agricultural science domain, indicating the specific influence of the publications on the research field.

The number of cases and funding for the innovation and R&D project executed by CMUH in the last three years has shown positive growth each year. In an intense national competition, CMUH has received a three-year funding over NTD180 million for State II Cancer Research Project and Improvement of Clinical Trial Innovation and Competitiveness Project from the Ministry of Health and Welfare. CMUH is one of the few hospitals receiving two project funds at the same time while maintaining a leading performance, setting up the best translational medicine and clinical trial platform in Taiwan.

    CMUH has accomplished most outstanding performance in the following fields funded by the Ministry of Science and Technology and National Health Research Institutes:

  • 1. Tumor and immunity: Tumor development, metastasis and resistance-to-drug mechanism.

  • 2. Neuropsychiatry field: stroke and brain injury mechanism, depression, and treatment of schizophrenia.

  • 3. Clinical disease: Mechanism of genetic, heart, liver, and renal diseases.

  • 4. Biomedical materials: Nano medicine and nuclear medicine imaging.

  • 5. Cellular treatment: Stem cell (cancer stem cell, mesenchymal stem cells) and immune cells mechanism research.

  • 6. Chinese medicine and new drug R&D

  • 7. Big database and precision medicine both come with distinguished performance with considerable contribution made to healthcare.

In the past Taiwan’s academic research only focused on “quantity” rather than “quality” system by exerting all efforts in publishing as many papers as possible, which may have made some contribution to the development of Taiwan’s academic circle in the early days but also resulted crude production as a consequence. For this reason, we must abandon the disorientation in paper quantity but substantially improve in quality papers, thereby jointly lead Taiwan to pursue academic excellence.