Instruction Research

R&D System Innovation

At the beginning of the new century, we understand the competition in international biomedicine research and CMUH must bear the vision of assisting Taiwan’s medical quality and setting up foundation in Asia. We will cooperate with the planning for top university and gradually reform the research system to cope with global trends.

Although the reform of the CMUH R&D system is based on CMUH research department, the reform must also take consideration of the cooperation with university, R&D units and industries. Our research focus will be placed on the clinical and basic integration as well as the so-called translational research. We also need to prepare planning for the improvement of system and management and talent utilization, in order to implement the consensus reached at the consensus camps.

The concept of new-century R&D system for CMUH is described below:

  • 1. CMUH R&D development system program needs to meet the definition of Asian-grade hospital and cooperate with the requirement of national economic development and competitiveness upgrade.

  • 2. The R&D must resolve the medical difficulties and problems derived from biotechnology progress faced by human, particularly local people in Taiwan.

  • 3. The research must exhibit uniqueness with basis on tradition, centralized objectives and strengthening the advantages of CMUH.

  • 4. The research emphasizes on innovation and practicability – encouraging research units to validate their missions and objectives.

  • 5. Research emphasizes on speed and international competitiveness –vertical integration, including basic, application/development research, patent application, and technological transfer, which all require close integration and fast management.

  • 6. The research emphasizes on sequence, sustainable management, management and resource allocation and sharing, and flexible system in outcome application and feedback.