Instruction Research

Research & Development System Management

We need to understand the power of university research and knowledge by intensifying the basic and clinical cooperative interaction, conducting the benchmarking of critical technology through extensive consultation, discussion and dissemination, thereby establishing the order of priority and feasibility for development. The overall power will be optimized to accomplish excellence after reaching the vision of consensus and explicit work objectives.

The research units of CMUH (laboratory, research groups and research centers) must strengthen the leadership to conduct wide and public recruitment for talents from Taiwan and overseas. The principal investigator for research groups are based on the professionalism, capacity and research outcome without applying administrative position or level of instruction position as the only reference.

    The management and operation of CMUH R&D development system will comply with the following rules:

  • 1. Promote the integration and cooperation between basic medical and clinical medical research.

  • 2. Break away the rigidity in current system, personnel and financing, thereby implementing a “people” oriented management system to unfold new operation and management through the overall perspective of integrated research outcome.

  • 3. Utilize the research fellow, postdoctoral research fellow and technician system by injecting research manpower, providing excellent research environment, performance evaluation, and incentives for competition to intensify the research vigor.

  • 4. Encourage research fellow/physician scientist and even famous overseas research units to conduct research. Establish the channels for physician to acquire doctoral degree overseas so they could be assure of employment after returning to Taiwan and continue the path of research.

  • 5. To cope with world trends and implement dual system, the research schedule is allocated by research performance to meet the philosophy of making best use of one’s talents.

  • 6. The performance of research unit or research group requires specific evaluation for use as reference for resource and human resource allocation.

  • 7. Strengthen the integration and management of research instruments, widely establish core or common laboratories, strengthen the support and services for research technology, improve research benefits, and assure research quality.

  • 8. Assist research fellow with acquisition of patent application, establish complete patent maintenance and management system for technological transfer. The acquisition of “patent” should also be regarded as research outcome.

  • 9. Establish research and development funds to enrich the research funding through the industry-academia collaboration or social appeal in upgrading human health and living quality.