Instruction Research

Technology-based foundation

The technology-based foundation, “Science and Technology Basic Program” from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan declares that the outcome invested under the government research and development must make efficiency feedback to the economy and society. Public and private universities as well as university hospitals from the United States also devote in the development of biomedical technology with enthusiasm. We should not fall behind in the wave of global competition as it is closely related to the livelihood of state survival.

The development of biomedical technology today has reached the integration of research outcome and actual industrialization. CMUH shall assist the government with strategies and take specific action soon possible to actively promote the research development and industrialization of biomedical technology.

CMUH must establish new R&D system, loose the restriction related to research development, and effectively handle intellectual property, in order to implement the specific strategies in successful transfer of research outcome to the economy and society with transparency. The outcome of industry feedback shall be applied to assisting with hospital research and instruction. Additionally, “project instructor” and “research fellow” can be employed through cooperative mechanism to assist with the research implementation.

  1. Invest systematically on the basic science education and creative long-term research project.

  2. Develop fields with advantage or features to establish the collection and preservation of biological resource and application of biomedical information.

  3. Create incentives for patent application. The acquisition of patent should be regarded as research performance. Patents should be applied as media that integrate university and industries for technological transfer and counseling, advocating for the flow and repurposing of research outcome so that the feedback generated from patent should be given feedback to the university, hospital and research fellow.

  4. The mechanism of collaboration with industry should be established to provide technological guide and information service through the mechanism of common use of research facilities (incubation center), thereby substantially improve the opportunity for industry success.

  5. The joint venture groups created from university hospital shall expand the role of hospital in knowledge-based industry epoch, which encourages the physicians /research fellow with founding derived enterprises, who will participate in industry activities as directors or counselors in compliance with the principles of university part-time and feedback.

  6. Voluntarily propose university hospital (including hospital and research institution) as the core competency to develop the incubation center for total resource service. The assistance from investment and joint venture funds will gather the biomedical and healthcare industries in addition to incubating the top-world health industry park (medical city).