Instruction Research

Establishment of Advanced Research Center

CMUH has established the “Center for Molecular Medicine,” “Sex Hormone Research Center,” “Translational Medicine Research Center,” “Laboratory for the Study of Newly Emerged Infectious,” “Chinese Medicine Research and Development Center,” “Center for Psychiatric & Addictive Medicine,” “Body Science & Metabolic Disorders International (BMI Medical Center),” “Biomedical Technology Research Center,” “Research Center for Traditional Chinese Medicine,” “3D Printing Medical Research Center,” “Laboratory of Epigenetics,” “Research Center for Interneural Computing ,” “Cell Therapy Translation Center,” and “Integrative Stem Cell Center” since 1996. These centers not only improve the research competitiveness of CMUH but also upgrade CMUH research to the international standard.

The basic standards for establishing the CMUH advanced research centers are the follows:

  • 1. Establish highly independent, open, and functional core research center under the leadership of international prestigious research leader.

  • 2. In response to technology development and trends in time, CMUH intends to set up “research groups” or “centers.” The centers or research groups must integrate the fundamental plan and clinical plan to break the barriers in current administrative staffing, in order to advocate for the progress in medical quality through research outcome.

  • 3. The research centers or research groups form rigid networks to take challenge through flat management. The research units are encouraged with competition evaluation as the reference for allocation of research funds.

  • 4. The research centers or research groups cooperate with international prestigious research units to develop the research outcome in synch with the world-top technology and knowledge.

  • 5. Establish the joint research area for industry-academia collaboration, advocating for the mutual cooperation between CMUH, university and private enterprises, in order to develop innovative technology.