You can make a phone call to reserve/cancel appointment, check clinic status and physician timetable for first or second visit.
Please prepare the following data before making the appointment and enter the information in the order of instruction via voice.

Medical record number (6 digits or 8 digits in total) or identification number (including the number code for English letter) plus nine digit codes (i.e.: A123456789 = 01123456789), or the last 8 digits of Taiwan ARC number (including English letter). For English letter, please refer to the English letter/number correspondence table.

For first visit (never visited CMUH), use your “telephone number” in replacement of medical record number but do not enter the area code. Simply enter the last eight digits. For example, enter 12345678 for (04) 12345678.

Use two digits for appointment date (do not enter the month but only the day. For example: Enter 07 for June 7 and 17 for June 17).

Date of birth, four digits (do not enter for first visit. For example, enter 0606 for June 6)

The code for clinic hours is 1 for morning, 2 for afternoon and 3 for evening.

Clinic physician code is 4 or 5 codes (listed after the name of the physician on the clinic timetable, i.f.: Chang-Hao Tsai 02 18) or select the appointment by physician through diciplines.

After completing the appointment, the voice will inform you of the approximate clinic hours at the hospital (for reference only) if the physician assigns the display of estimated clinic hours. For “patients with first-visit appointment,” if the voice suggests estimated clinic hours, please arrive in half hour earlier to fill out the first visit information form and apply for first visit process at the registration counter.

Appointment Number via Answering Machine
Please dial 80 for internal network

Press 0 for fast dial
Press 1 for re-visit/Press 2 for first visit
Press 3 fordial cancellation
Press 4 forvoice services

Please enter 1 for medical record number
Please enter 2 for identification number